EA Robot

– Forex Annihilation
It has been proven to generate as much as $1,100 a single trade. Best on EURUSD H1 time frame. Manual is included.

Pallada EA v3.4
A half automatic expert, it generates signals to enter position manually.
Best on GBPUSD H1 time frame. Manual is included.

– Forex Funnel
This system has been designed so that even the most computer illiterate person can setup and profit from it. Best on USDJPY H1 time frame. Manual is included.

Forex Auto Cash
The only system that took out the judgement and replaced with proven steadfast formula. It’s best to apply H1 GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURJPY. Manual is included.

– FAP Turbo v2.3
FAP TURBO is a forex robot that runs on your computer. They have a video tutorial section. Best on EURUSD M1 time frame. Manual is included.

Forex Assassin
It is 100% mechanical, meaning that you don’t have to think about or make decisions. It works for five major currencies. Manual is included.

– Chameleon_2008
Without a doubt this is the most versatile EA available on the market. We named it Chameleon because of its ability to adapt and trade multiple strategies. Best on GBPUSD daily time frame.

Forex Dominion
This is an easy step by step trading system that can easily create massive trading profits. It’s best to apply GBPUSD, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, EURJPY on 4H or daily time frame. Manual is included.

– Dolly v11
Dolly Strategy is made by Valasholic, a trader from Jakarta, Indonesia. The basic idea of this strategy is breakout system. Then some traders tried to make this strategy more profitable and reliable.

– Dolly v12
Dolly Strategy is made by Valasholic, a trader from Jakarta, Indonesia. The basic idea of this strategy is breakout system. Then some traders tried to make this strategy more profitable and reliable. Best on GBPUSD M30 time frame.

EA Prizmal Champion ATC 2008
The Expert Advisor PrizmaL does not contain AI. It works on the basis of another tool – Genetic Algorithm. Best on EURGBP M5 time frame. No manual is included.

– Pyramid EA ULTIMATE v2008i
The system works like a Pyramid, the robot will open a new trade when it success to predict a profit signal. No manual is included. Best on GBPJPY dan GBPUSD H1 time frame. No manual is included.

– Forex Auto Trader
One of the best EA that will produces money for you. Aplly, then leave it.

– Forex AutoPilot
The FAP system rapidly gained world popularity and became the top-selling Forex product available on the market. Best on EURUSD M1 time frame.

A special setup of the FAP software developed by trader Charles Floyd. Best on EURUSD M1 time frame. Manual is included.

– Trend Chaser
The ea allows one order at a time on each pair
you can trade all the pairs you want simutaneously. No manual is included.

– Stealth Forex v10
Want to place winning trades with the pinpoint accuracy of a veteran forex trader? This system software was developed to do exactly that. Manual is included.

– Robot Gainscope
This robot is usefull to help your forex trading automatically. Best on EURUSD, GBPUSD on M5 M15 time frame.

– Pointbreak EA v5.8.11
This is a powerful EA, in use by a forex account manager with live accounts already. Best on Daily and H4 time frame. Manual is included.

– DTS1
Automated Trading Software that has proven to be revolutionary in the FOREX trading market. Best on EURUSD M30 time frame.

– Forex Killer v4.12
A Forex Trading Software that creates automated signals for buy and sell so anyone can succeed with Forex Trading. Manual is included.

– FXPP Auto Trader v2
It seems cost $4997. Many thanks for your kind sharing. Best on GBPUSD 4H and 1H time frame. Manual is included

– Forex Beater
Once Forex Beater detects a good trend, it instantly opens the trades to take a maximal profit for you! The best results have proved to be for the EURUSD pair with the H1 timeframe.

I don’t know…not enough information about this EA. Just try and apply it at demo account. No manual is included.

– GoldMiner
It consists of 2 powerful indicators that work in conjunction with each other, getting you in on the trades at the right time. Best on EURUSD H1 time frame. Manual is included.

– iRobot
The system is woeful, the chart on the website is a snapshop of a good period when backtested. Best on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD and USDCHF. Manual is included.

– MyLucky
This robot only used for EURGBP TF5, and set to open order only on Asian & US market, not for European market.

– Heart of FX Probability Meter
Generaly used as a confirmation of your own trading style. It gives you more confidence to enter or hold a position. No manual is included.

– Henry Fx
Just Using HenryFx Calculator Signal, this is LifeTime Forex Calculator Signal, based on Fibonacci Pivot point. Manual is included.

– Lumen Forex Complet
The owner said that this EA will gives you fixed 3% return of your investment in Forex market. Manual is included.

– RangeTrader
Claiming to have a 94% success rate while running unattended. Best on EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF H1 time frame.

– Silver Trend v3
The Silver Trend EA performs quite impressively in backtesting; Attach to GBPUSD and EURUSD 5M.

– Waddah Attar Win
Excellent EA. That are peoples say. Best on GBPUSD M15 time frame. No manual.

– Xtreme EURGBP
Extreme eur/gbp is a scalper ea created by forex global trading company. Best on EURGBP M15 time frame. No manual.

– Quantum Gomega
GOmega Trader FX fully automated forex autopilot or robot is soon to be replaced by GOmega XRay. Best on EURUSD and GBPUSD H4 time frame.

– Neuro Shell Day Trader Pro v5.0
A trading software that will revolutionize the way you build your market strategies. It is cost $2495 USD to be buoyed. Best on EURUSD H1 time frame. No manual.

– PowerSwingDollar11
– PowerSwing V.2
– PowerTradeFX2
– Dragonpips
– EA Santai
– Forex Rising
– Your Lucky
– Firebird
– DailySmart Unlimited
– Forexjedi Force System
– Hidden TP & SL EA
– Auto Cash Generator v5
– Matahari System
– Tecnix Indo Bot v3.05 Full
– Robot GainScope v1.93 Live
– TOProfit v1.3.1
– TOProfit v1.4.2 (NN.30775-ODL)
– TOProfit v1.4.2 (NN.90949-FX Clearing)
– TOProfit v1.4.2 (NN.203079-MF)

– Boogie All EA
Boogie is just a “short term” winner EA. Use it when you want it. Best on EURUSD daily time frame. Manual is included.

– Chinchilla EA
No further informationa about this EA. Best on EURCAD H1 time frame. No manual.

– CryoxMMA
This is a trading style specializing in entering the ForEx market with high probability and taking profits on small price changes, generally soon after a trade has been entered and has become profitable. Manual is included.

– Doske Trading
The system is very simple but efective. Works fine ion 1min, with All JPY pairs, USD/CHF, GBP/USD.

– FAP Turbo v3.6
Has been claimed as the best EA for now, this EA truely works on M1 Euro / Usd pair.

– Forex AI Auto Trader v2.1
Forex auto trading of various different automated systems and signal providers automatically with forex autotrader platforms such as ZuluTrade and FX-Auto. Best on EURUSD H4 time frame.

– NinaCat
This is a famous system that has almost 100% accuracy for entry. Too bad that it has no exit system. Best on EURUSD, USDCHF and GBPUSD M30 time frame.

– Steinitz HAS MTF Hedge v3.21
This forex robot works with multiple currencies (usually 10) at the M5 time frame using also hedging which decreases the risk of overall trading. Manual is included.

– Swiss Army EA v1.51
Features includes breakevens, trailing stops and setting/removing for takeprofits, and many close-out conditions; you also have ability to tell the EA which orders it can manage. No manual is included.

– Trend Follower
A very powerful system, we can get many profit from this system by using manual trading. Best on USD/JPY, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, EUR/USD M5 time frame.

– Pro Fx
Pro-FX-Experts have much experience in the Forex market and MetaQuotes programming language. We have analyzed the currency market for over 6 years. No manual is included.

– RoboMiner
The Robominer EA generates a minimum 6%-10% return monthly with compounding that’s over 100% return per year. Best on AUDNZD and EURCHF. Manual is included.

– Fractal Wizard
Fractal Wizard EA trading the breakout mode is by using “channel breakouts” which is shown by 2 blue lines at your MT4 chart. • Best on EURUSD H4 time frame.

– Pipzu
Pipzu has some of the lowest drawdown percentages in the history of expert advisor. Best on EURUSD.

– Forex Brotherhood
A comprehensive program which includes desktop tools, a members Forex forum, a membership hot sheet, tutorials, a robot software, newsletters, and more. This system must be run only on the EURUSD and only on the 30 minute timeframe.

– Instant Forex Profit System
This system is a daily scalping system, and it is a give away bonus of the Instant Forex Profit System package. Manual is included.

– Iwank Forex Index
A simple EA which gives you a buy / sell signal with a nice result so far. Best on GBPUSD H1 time frame.

– Kuasa Forex
With this EA, you will get 40 pips ever day. Simple but working! Best on GBPJPY M15 time frame.

– Pip Boxer
Pip Boxer Full primarily is a Meta Trader 4 plug-in that will work with that software and any chart of any currency pair at M15 timeframe. No manual is included.

– Sniper Forex
Sniper forex is very easy to understand and the principles of what it does look good. Best on GBPUSD H4 time frame.

– GT Shadow v3.09
The GT-Shadow, at its very basic settings, can trade the forex market in exactly the same way as the RoboMiner, but with steroids! Best on EURJPY M15 & EURUSD M5 time frame. No manual.

– Mandrake System
Best on EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF M30 time frame.

– Merdekarama EA
Ea that is made by Indonesian people. Pretty good though…Sorry no manual.

– Parabolic SAR ADX
This Forex trading system is an another simple discovery; and hundreds of such discoveries can be made when traders are there to learn and experiment. Best on EURUSD H4 time frame.

– Piptronic v1.0
Piptronic, the latest in next generation expert advisors. Offering new, unique, powerful, never before seen features that brings a whole new aspect to automated trading on the forex market. Best on EURGBP M15 time frame.

– Sekuntil Stokastic S3 System2009
Best on GBPUSD M15 time frame chart.

– Trend Rider v3
It has a hard stoploss and some enhancements in the code. Supports magic no and should be used for M1 charts only.
No manual is inclued.

– Artemis Sitter V.1.80 Pro
Best on USDCHF M15 time frame.

– Destiny
You can keep the money you made in your forex trading account and let the Destiny select the highest probability trades and execute them automatically. Sorry, no manual.

– FAP Turbo v4.4 Pro
FAP TURBO is a forex robot that runs on your computer. Best on EURUSD M1 time frame chart. Manual is included.

– Jaguar Hedge
Best for AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY & GBPCHF, while AU, EJ and EU are the buy side, and UC, UJ and GC are sell side. Manual is included.

– Megatron Ultimate
This EA will automatically not trade at Friday, in order to avoid dangerous conditions for trader. No manual.

– Palada v2.4
The best semi auto EA that I have seen. Doubles my money in one weeks. Best on GBPUSD H1 time frame. Manual is included.

– Billion Meter System
It is a technical indicator in addition to those already integrated into the Meta Trader 4. Best on GBPUSD M1, M5, M15, M30 time frame. Manual is included.

– Sand Theory v9.4
All trade will works automatically. This system is approved and has pass by any situation on forex market. Cost $500 but FREE for you. No manual is included.

– Terminator v2.0
How did it turn $6,000 into $60,258.58 in only 60 days. Best on USDUPY. Sorry, no manual.

– Trend Chaser Super
The system makes no claims as to the future trend of any particular currency. It merely points out the present intermediate trend with momentum being illustrated by the RAVI Fisher. Sorry, no manual.

– Triangular Price Correction
The beauty in this system is it really doesn`t care what the trend is, nor do you. Best on EURUSD H1 time frame. No manual.

– Venom System
Based on past history, there are times in which the system has performed extremely well and there are times in which it fails to perform. Best on all majors M1 time frame. Manual is included.

– Forecast Fx EA
Sorry, No manual. Just interpret the graph to get the BUY/SELL signals. If your experienced you should be able to figure it out. Best on M30 time frame.

– Robot Forex 2009 Profesional Demo
A powerfull with high accurate for Euro H1. No manual is included.

– EA Shark 4 Ultimate
This EAis the ultimate intraday trading machine. Best on EURUSD.

– Trend Stuffer
The software is based on the past history of a currency or its trend line. Best on M15 EURUSD, M15 GBPUSD, M15 USDCHF, M30 USDJPY, M30 AUDUSD. Manual is included.

– 100 Pips v3 EA
An EA that claims will gives you 100 pips a day. No manual is included.

– Autobot EA
A fully automatic robot that will open & close an order for you. Best on EURUSD 15M time frame. No manual is included.

– Chaos Elliot EA
An EA that is based on elliot wave technique. No manual is included.

– D20P Pivot Master EA
The Daily20 system is a once a day system trading the GBP a bit before the opening of the London market. Best on GBPUSD H1 time frame. Manual is included.

– EA Gap
An EA that is based on opening gap. Best on GBPUUSD and EURUSD at M15 time frame. No manual is included.

– Forex Hitman
A simple yet profitable trading system. This system is intended for trading on 5-minute timeframe. Manual is included.

– Forex Raptor
This is a Forex trading software that helps you to make trades in the Forex markets on an autopilot basis.Best on EURUSD, EURCHF and EURJPY H1 time frame. Manual is included.

– Forex Tracer
The forex tracer must be run only on the EURUSD and only on the 30 minute. Manual is included.

– Grind Monster
This product is the result of hundreds of hours of programming effort; the value far surpasses the pruchase price. Best on EURUSD M5 time frame. Manual is included.

– Trend-Tracer v1.4 Build 15
The Trend-Tracer is a highly accurate system combined with a powerful money management system. Best on EURUSD daily time frame chart. Manual is included.

– AME Cross Trader v2.02
An advanced version of the Expert Advisor used in the 2008 Automated Trading Championship, which turned $10000 into over $61000 in one week! Best on GBPJPY 4H time frame. No manual.

– Kuskus EA
They claims that it’s accuracy is 90%. Will you try it? Best on EURUSD H1 time frame chart. Manual is include.

– Rental Signal http://rentasignal.com/
– Automatic Forex Grail
– FAPTurbo v4.5Dollar5
– Forex Meta Robot DC
– FXI Point & Figure Adv.
– Merdekarama 2009
– Oboz Ziman
– Pallada EA v6.0 EC
– Pips Leader
– Polarized
– Raingull Demo
– Robot Forex 2010 Pro v2 Demo
– Robot Forex 2011 Pro
– Robot Forex 2011 Pro Demo
– Schaff Trend Cycle
– Semi-Auto
– Super Hegding v1.70
– Tecnix Indo Bot v3.05
– 100 pips v3 with SL
– FAPTS Grid Trader System
– ZigXard Pointer v3
– VS EURCHF D01Dollar99
– EA Free System
– EA Pasar Cumi v2
– ATFX Scalper XP v03 All
– DLM v1.4
– Firebird v0.6
– Ferru Fx
– Power Fx Trade Tool
– Multiple 10 Points v1.76
– Master Mind
– Multiple 10 Points
– Holy Grail EA
– Mahmoud Amer EA
– Oan Fx Timer
– Open Tiks EA
– Trader Fx v2
– Vortex Fx Auto Trading System
– Framework
– GoldWarriror v0.2 b
– Magic EA Demo
– My Fx Over Easy
– RSI Experts v1.3
– Scalp Net v1.3
– Weekly Breakout v1.0
– 3 Bar Reversal
– Amazing EA Euro X2 v1.2
– Euro X2 v1.2
– Ilan
– Sakifli Swing Euro Jpy
– Level Scalper
– Merdeka GP 2009
– Range Trader v1
– Auto Scalper
– EA Level Scalper
– Forex Maestro
– Artificial Intelligence
– Forex AI Euro Usd v2.1
– Forex Profit Monster
– ForexSmarts EURCHF
– FX-Scalper Expert Advisor
– HMA Trend EA
– Ultima Forex Isakas 2
– TOProfit v1.4.2 (Demo)
– Pipforia HG v2.0.5
– Trading Profit Booster
– Xtreme Euro Gbp
– Triangular Arbitrage
– Neoro M
– Neoro Net
– Profit Hunter EA
– Royale Wave Indi
– Artificial Intelligence
– DeMark Lines
– TOProfit v1.4 Full
– EA Senyum Sok Mu
– Intelektual Pro EurGBP
– EA Banking FX Ultra
– Euro USD v2.8 U
– Excalibur Eur Usd Daily v3.5
– Weekly Breakout v1.0
– WinInet
– WMA ADX v0.1
– Your Choice Hourly Breakout v4.12
– ZeroLag EA AIP v0.0.4
– Thunder 4WD Eur Gbp v1
– Winalot Expert Advisor
– Dragon Pips Alternative
– Black Dog
– ATC 2008
– EA Neuros Sharp Shooter 17209
– Firebird v065-Fixed
– ForexAI
– Terminator v2.03 Complete
– Terminator v2.03
– MegaDroid
– Nameless v2
– Autopipster
– Sharp Shooter New
– Stat Euclidean
– Steinitz NEW
– VarMoving Average v0.0.1
– Volume Trader v2
– Forex Success System
– Pointbreak EA v5.8.11